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The simplest and easiest and most fool proof pie crust

 We probably all buy those pre-made pie crusts. I think I have three in my freezer right now. The truth is they're easy, but face it... they're just not that great.  You'll never convince me that they're as good as home made and you'll NEVER EVER convince me they're as good as my mom's homemade pie crust!
 Here is my mom's tried and true pie crust recipe.  She can throw together a blue ribbon prize winning pie in the blink of an eye and her crust is always light and flaky!
She sent me her recipe recently and here's what she said....

"If you want the simplest and easiest and most fool proof pie crust recipe I'll give it to you. It is from my high school home economics cook book which is so old and decrepit it should be condemned by the board of health for dirty stained pages."

The recipe that she gave me is called:


I'm renaming it:


2 cups Flour
1 1/2 Teaspoons Salt
1/2 Cup Oil
1/4 Cup Milk

Directions: ( Written by my Mom)
1.   In a Medium size bowl, mix.....2 cups of sifted (I don't bother to sift) Gold Medal Flour (any kind of good flour)
1 1/2 tsp. salt.

2.  In a  measuring cup (but don't stir together) add  1/2 cup oil and 1/4 cup milk

3.  Then pour oil and milk all at once into the flour
Stir with a fork until mixed. Dough looks moist, but isn't sticky, Press into smooth ball.
Cut in halves. flatten slightly.

4.  Place one half onto a sheet of wax paper (this was before Saran wrap was invented...use the saran wrap).
Moisten the counter top a little to keep wrap down. Cover dough ball with second piece of wrap and roll out.

That's it!!! You know the rest of the drill. The important thing is to use good flour and oil. Whenever I've made it with supermarket flour and oil it isn't as easy to roll out.

** I did brush some beaten egg on the pie crust to give it that golden color.
For a one crust pie the measurements are:
1 1/3 Cups Flour
1 Teaspoon Salt
1/3 Cup Oil
3 Tablespoons Milk.

Print Here

Two Cups All Purpose Flour.

1 1/2 Teaspoons Salt

Give it a good Stir.

1/2 Cup Oil.

Add 1/4 Cup of Milk.  DON'T STIR.

Pour into Flour Mixture.

Mix with a fork until dough comes together.  Separate into two equal size balls.

Flatten each ball out to fit pie plate.

Use for your favorite pie.

This is the recipe I used for the peach pie filling
 ( it was great)
Peach Pie

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