Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stuffed Monster Burger

I'm obsessed with kitchen gadgets and I have a basement full of them to prove it.  Some of them are amazing and I use them all the time and some of them are sitting down there collecting dust. I have special brownie cutters, blooming onion makers, ravioli molds, apple bakers, mini pie makers.. just to name a few.  The other day while  in T. J Maxx's I found this cool hamburger mold which allows you to stuff your burgers with whatever your heart delights.  Of course I had to have it especially since it was only $4.99.

It's pretty easy to use but the only problem is that you have to use 3/4 lb of meat for each burger and it takes about 30 minutes to cook on the grille.
The burgers did come out great but they're just to darn big.  I stuffed them with sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions and thick sliced sharp cheddar cheese.  I guess  you can always cut one burger in half if the giant one is too intimidating.  I told my husband that he and I should split one, "no way" was his reply.  He had no problem eating his entire burger and he'll be eating my other half for lunch tomorrow.

The bottom piece isn't attached so you push up from the bottom to remove the burger.

Add your 1/2 lb of meat.

You press the top and it creates the hole to fill.

There's the hole.

Fill it with your goodies.

Top with another 1/4 lb of meat.

Here are the onions and mushrooms that I stuffed it with.

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